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Storyboards for the zombie movie ‘Zed’.

©KickStart Films

Presentation to client (Microsoft) storyboards for ‘Devil’s own’ computer game.

©Rebellion Developments

Animation that forms

the plot prologue in the game

‘Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern’ ©UbiSoft

Conceptual Illustration:

Computer games-various

Conceptual Illustration:

Commercial commissions-various

Computer game concepts

Featured Game universes:


developing a concept from an initial brief at pre-production, or inventing on the hoof, are both areas in which I excel.

Such skills are essential in Storyboarding and the Games industry in particular.

Conceptual Illustrator: Game concept design, promotional art and in-game art for computer game companies,

Storyboard art for film companies, Illustration for Art agencies,

book illustration. User-manual illustration.