Some of the coolest comic strips I’ve produced over the last decade

For my latest stuff, check out the ‘Cluster & Head’ dedicated website,

showcasing the sci-fi T&A gag-strip I co-created with genius writer Warren Smith, double click the title icon at left and enjoy the ride!

Featuring    ̴

All 8 installments of this saucy spectacular,

computer-coloured, lettered and 100% copy-ready.

  1. SEE! bad girls driving badly!

  2. SEE! aliens with bums for faces!

  3. SEE! several seriously psychotic episodes!

  4. SEE! Clussie’s bits! (-well, most of them)

and   ̴

A 10-page comic strip, lettered and part-coloured,

in which our amoral attention-deficit adventurers team-up for the first time, on the run from planet-devastating Alto-Warbots and the police!

The first 3 lettered pages of a new strip in development,

in which Clussie is hired as e̶y̶e̶-c̶a̶n̶d̶y̶ assistant to the horny ornithologist gherkin Dr.Blart for some extreme twitching, looking for the monstrous brass tits of the moon Titan!

and   ̴


‘The Russian Devil Woman’, and ‘Spirit of the October Revolution’, Octobriana

first appeared in 1971, in the book ‘Octobriana & the Russian Underground’.

Supposedly produced behind the iron curtain, and left © public domain.

She has appeared in numerous comics, was nearly a concept album by David Bowie, and is tatoo’ed on Billy Idol’s fore-arm.

Click on a pic. for big readable format.

An 8-page self contained comic strip, published in the Octobriana 30th anniversary special, by Alchemy Texts, 2002.

‘The Commie-Zombie-Dictator-from-Hell’, written by John A Short and inked by Andy Nixon, sees Oct. reborn in the 90’s, and involved in a smack-down with an undead Vladimir Ilyich Lenin!

5 pages of an 8 page story written by John A Short.

This strip, set in the 60‘s, sees the Russian Devil-Woman and her dissident comrades team-up with the fab. four and-why-not?

It’s incomplete, but you’ll get the idea.

dos vidanye baby!


Set in Antarctic Press’s straight-faced gonzo universe of S&M Nuns with Swords (no-really!) Warrior Nun Sister Sarah struggles with a piggy Demon for the heart and soul of a smack-head.

This is 5 pages of an

8-page script, with Warren Smith’s script filling in the missing bits.

A Killing in Suburbia!violent%21,_suburbia.1.html

a 4-page (dinky!) strip, written by Mike Sivier and published in ‘Violent!’ #4, 2001.

A cautionary tale for comic nerds and terrorists.



Only 5 pages, but very purdy!

more submission pages for 2000ad,

both hand-painted and coloured in Photoshop.

15 submission pages for 2000ad and the Megazine, some pencils, some inked,

featuring Judge Dredd and other 2000ad comic characters,

and 2 story concepts developed with writer Warren Smith.

2 five-page sting-in-the-tale comic strips published in 2000ad.

No words unfortunately, -it’s a copyright thang.

Celestial bodies sees a starship Captain relentlessly pursuing the capitalist dream without regard to her own spiritual well-being, with dire consequences...

Marooned sees a teenager dare the local homeless nutter to prove he’s an intergalactic space-ace.

Like it says on the tin, page submissions to

Marvel comics in the USA.

A gallery of lovable-if fairly lethal ladies,

featuring Octobriana. and Cluster.